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Mr. Jim Miller


James Miller
Middle School Principal


   Welcome to Manchester Middle School!  We are a school of grades five through eight in our building with a population of approximately 410 students.  We received an “Excellent” school rating by the state of Ohio for five years.  Our mission is to provide a quality education in a safe and stimulating environment.  We offer a variety of clubs and activities for all grade levels along with athletic teams in the seventh and eighth grade.  Our faculty and staff work diligently to instill both the educational values needed to succeed in school as well as the social values needed to succeed in life.  We are a “LEAD” school.  This program is an extension of the “Leader in Me” program with a focus on developing leadership skills in every student at a young age.  We are excited this year to add what we will call "Panther Academy" to our weekly school schedule.  This time will be every Wednesday at 2 p.m.  during this time we will have LEAD club meetings, offer intervention and enrichment, make-up work time, assemblies, club meetings and much more.  The hope is to have a consistent schedule for students that will cause less disruption during the school day.  Finally, our attention to state standards and current educational trends allow our students to be prepared for the next level of education.
     I am both proud and honored to serve the community of New Franklin and the Manchester School District.  We believe that communication and cooperation are the keys to the positive development of every student.   I encourage all parents and community members to contact me directly if you ever have any questions and or concerns.  Thank you for all of your support both past and present for our middle school.